Our vision is to have ecotourism become the new standard in Cascadia. Help us expand Stay Cascadia's influence in the region! See below to learn more about how you can join the movement. 

We're Flexible: Compare Three Easy Ways to Host with us



"I know how to rent my place, I prefer to manage it on my own, and I am looking for a channel to help me attract the types of guests whom I know will be delighted in my space."

The Platform customer is the classic DIYer, who likely already has experience listing their property and taking bookings through other platforms--as well as researching their market to optimize the price of their listing. By joining Stay Cascadia, these owners can experience the benefits of having another source of bookings, sending automated emails with check-in information, utilizing the StayCascadia brand and ethos in their marketing, and collaborating with the local network of Stay Cascadia owners to share best practices and lessons learned about vacation rental management in our region. Oh yeah, Stay Cascadia will also donate a portion of earnings to a local environmental non-profit of their choice. 


"I know how to rent my place, yet I could use some help automatically optimizing revenue and marketing."

The Plus customer is similar to the Platform customer, in that they are already space-sharing experts. Yet this owner may lack the time and energy to "dial in" the important details of succeeding in a competitive market for vacation experiences. For this customer, Stay Cascadia will ensure their prices are always optimized to current market conditions, will edit and update the listing description, author the guidebook, and, coming in 2019, provide Cascadian decor for their home. Plus, these folks are keyed into special guest discounts and special Stay Cascadia outdoor experiences--which you don't want to miss! Like all levels, Stay Cascadia will donate a portion of earnings to a local environmental non-profit of their choice.


"I am new to the sharing economy and would like to know what this is all about! I don't have the time to set up my listing, price it appropriately, market it, and communicate with guests or cleaning staff."

This is for customers who are interested in sharing their space, but don't have the time to become experts on the best way to do so. Most of our customers choose this option--our prices and level of service are the best in the industry. For those who want it to be, this can be a completely "hands off" experience after the listing is established and online. However, most of our owners find it appealing to engage with guest communication whenever they want, so we leave the communication channels open at all times so you can choose your preferred level of engagement with guests. Guests and owners usually prefer to have some level of contact with each other, which helps build the community!


If you are considering hosting with us, the Stay Cascadia ethos should resonate with you, and you are excited to help pioneer a new, meaningful, and delightful type of vacation experience. We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry because we leverage technology to lower overhead costs, adhere to a triple-bottom-line mission-driven ethos, and believe enough is enough. 

When I initially signed on as a host with a management company in 2016, they actually took ~40-45% of the total price to the guest—which I realized after I discovered some hidden fees they were charging guests. Even then, I still had to take some calls from the management company, in which one of their employees was acting as the intermediary between me and the guests. The result was the guests felt like they were renting from “a big vacation rental management company” instead of this cool guy Jon Strahl. So, they treated the place worse and had higher expectations. With Stay Cascadia, we work to establish great rapport with guests right away, tell the story of the house and the owners to convey a sense of place, which helps set the right expectations, so they feel like they are staying in a friends’ house for the weekend rather than a commodified vacation rental. Both the guests and owners can feel good that they are getting a great deal, and also contributing to owner-selected non-profit partner organizations. This philosophy of community greatly reduces issues and "horror stories" that you may have heard about in the vacation rental industry. 

We acknowledge this business is evolving and we are consistently working to create a smooth, professional experience for owners and guests--while staying true to the ethos and growth vision of the company. We welcome feedback, and operate with a philosophy of continuous improvement and progressive elaboration. As one of the early subscribers here, you will receive a lot of personal attention from our staff, and you will also be an integral part of Stay Cascadia growing and evolving into a community of mission-driven hosts, guests, events, and activities. We appreciate your faith in our abilities to do this, and your patience as the kinks are smoothed out one at a time. 

Introductory Referral Offer

Because Stay Cascadia is new, we want you to have some stake in helping us grow this business. We created an introductory offer where you can earn a permanent 2% reduction in management fees for each new Premium customer you refer to us! After that new customer receives 5 bookings, we will reduce your fee permanently. If you refer enough customers, the service is free for the life of Stay Cascadia. So please subscribe to our newsletter or contact us if you know folks who may be interested in this service! Have your friends fill out our "expression of interest" form and mention your name in the "How did you hear about us" question response. 

Remember: We're Different


Who we are

Meet Jon, your Cascadian superhost!


I am a man from the PNW interested in innocuous trespassing and wilderness adventure. Often I enjoy losing altitude on or in some form of water.

I founded Stay Cascadia because hosting is energizing for me. Facilitating a positive experience and sharing the natural wonder of this region is one of my passions. Please contact me you have any questions or concerns about your stay or want some recommendations!

Like most participants in the modern economy, I work on a computer and have multiple "gigs". I am a consultant in the renewable energy industry, working with electric utilities around the world helping them to plan investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and grid modernization. I am motivated by my love of the environment--recognizing that the energy industry is one of the most significant environmental influence levers we humans have. Originally from Oregon, I adore the Cascadia region. I split time between Bellingham, Leavenworth, SE Alaska, and work travel. Since I have a computer anywhere I have that flexibility which I am very grateful for.

I also have some exciting new hires at Stay Cascadia, and I can't wait to introduce you!

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